Truffle was born from a passion for enjoying those things that we too rarely indulge in, and wanting to share those creations with others. What was once a passion, is now also Christina's dream job after requests and tremendous responses for her mouthwatering desserts could no longer be ignored. With a background in fine art and an eye for the unique and elegant, she is able to create beautiful cakes, sweets, and dessert tables that thrill both the eyes and taste buds.

What is more, Christina believes that everyone should be able to indulge in such delights and is happy to make creations both large and small. From a single-tiered cake to a seven-tiered cake with an accompanying sweets table, Christina loves to work with clients to create something unique that goes beyond what they had envisioned!

Truffle creations have been featured in both Wedding Bells and WedLuxe magazines, on wedding and style blogs, and have even made a couple of television appearances! The best is yet to come for Truffle and hopefully that includes working with you!

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